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HCH Construction Services successfully assists property managers in keeping their communities well maintained, safe and compliant.  We offer affordable, professional services in a variety of areas:

  • Reasonable accommodations

  • Emergency service calls (24/7)

  • Preventative maintenance and upkeep

  • Property remodels or modifications

  • REAC inspection punch lists

No matter the current size of your maintenance staff, HCH Construction Services is here to assist management companies, property managers and staff members with preventative maintenance upkeep to help maintain a safe environment and avoiding unnecessary accidents.  Our proactive maintenance services offer cost savings benefits by recognizing and repairing a potential problem before it evolves into a larger issue costing property owners a great deal more money in the long run. Preventative maintenance practices help ensure that community residents are enjoying a safe and secure environment while maintaining the economic viability of your real estate investment.

Is your multifamily or senior housing community preparing for a REAC inspection? As the saying goes, "Making sure you don't fail in the first place is the best approach."  But bringing in additional maintenance staff or pulling staff  from other properties isn't always feasible or cost efficient.  Let HCH Construction Service assist your staff in correcting any deficient conditions relating to exterior and building systems as well as interior commons areas, community spaces and units prior to your REAC inspection.  Our professional staff can work side-by-side with your maintenance staff or tackle projects on their own freeing up your staff to work on other areas. We'll work closely with you to plan the best course of action for your property within the remaining timeline prior to your inspection.

HCH Construction Services is a full-service construction company, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and fully licensed and insured for your protectionContact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss our services.

For added convenience HCH Construction Services maintains the following approvals:
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